This Morning: Calcutta Mercy Ministries – Calcutta India

This morning I will share all about my missions trip to Calcutta India. Imagine struggling to simply exist. You struggle to fill your stomach, struggle to clothe your
family, and struggle to afford even a shack of a house. When you are sick, you do not have medicine. When you have children, they cannot go to school. And when you need money, you cannot find work. This is real life for the poor of Calcutta, India. They have no bank accounts. They have no insurance policies. The only tenuous security they have is rooted in the number of able hands in the family; hands that often belong to children. Children forgo school to labor in fields, scrounge for food, or beg, bringing in very meager earnings just to keep the family alive for one more day. Calcutta is home to 14 million people yet it is located in a space no bigger than Sacramento. Today I will share and see what our part will be in God’s plan for Calcutta India

Blessings, Pastor Erik