A mother once told me that her four-year-old daughter was having one of those days recently when she asked at least 100 questions. Finally, Sally said, “Honey, please give me a break. Please don’t ask any more “why” questions today, okay?” The little girl responded, “Can I say ‘how come’”?
The children might be surprised to learn that adults have questions for God too. Some of them are fairly frivolous.
 I would like to ask if the world wouldn’t be better without flies, mosquitoes, and gnats.
Then there are some serious questions, like this one-how can we keep on going when life just breaks our hearts? In other words, how can we survive a significant loss? Or, how do we cope with grief?
Grief is simply the pain we feel over loss. Usually we relate grief to the pain of losing a loved one. But that’s not the only kind of grief. This Sunday, we will see though the eyes of Job how to cope with greif.

Blessings, Pastor Erik