Ministry Leaders: Ken and Jane Bosworth

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THE EPICS are a group of people that in years we are not young, but in heart and spirit we are.

We love spending time together.It is a time of joy and laughter.  It's a time that most of us look forward to as a great time of fellowship.  We have devotions and potluck dinners monthly.

We have Bible quizzesthat most of them enjoy but we do play other games.

We have great picnics, we sometimes go out for dinner after church on Sunday .

We are finding that these times are helpful to some of the older ones if they are having trouble with depression or just feeling a little lonely, it lifts their spirits.

Our group is full of lovefor each other, that is totally a gift from God.

We love praying for each other,helping each other and others in need but mostly we just love being together. 

We share stories of how God has taken through the years that has been in our past.

We just look forward to getting together!