Today, we will be looking at something that is weighing heavy on my heart. As I work with the students in our church our desire is to create an excitement for the things of God in them, an excitement to know Him more. That is our goal and it has got me thinking. How many of us are living our lives with that same excitement? When was the last time that we got up early excited to pray, read our Bible or worship Him? Now I understand that many of us do these things, many of us even enjoy them. But when was the last time we were so looking forward to it that nothing else was going to stop us? This morning my heart is that each one of us be inspired to pause and evaluate our own hearts. If the passion, the excitement is gone, let’s seek after God’s heart and get it back. This Sunday morning is a time of introspection but also a time for us to come together and regain that excitement for the things of God. Let’s grow together today!

-Pastor Branden