Welcome today to we are so honored that you've chosen to worship our God and to celebrate the resurrection of God's son, our Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ. Today we're starting a brand new four-week series today called, "I am Jesus."  Over the next four weeks we're going to study 4 of the 7 "I am" statements in the gospel of John. Next week, we're going to study the statement Jesus said, when he said, "I am the good shepherd who lays down his life for his sheep." The following week, we're going to look at his statement when he says, "I am the light of the world. In the 4th and final week of our series, we're going to look at where he said, "I am the vine and you are the branches.  If you abide in me, you will bear much fruit but apart from me," Jesus says, "you can't do anything." Today, though I want to look at the "I am" statement that fits best of all on this weekend, from John 11:25 when Jesus said this -- "I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live even though they die."