This Sunday, I want to just bring some things to your remembrance. I know this is a special time of the year in our country when we remember our freedom. We celebrate what it means to be independent, to be free, to enjoy liberty. And I suppose as Americans, if we were to isolate one thing that is sort of the hallmark of our nation it would be our love of freedom. America has become a term in the world that is somewhat synonymous with being free. That is our highest held and most praised of all blessings. And we do enjoy that. And we thank God for the freedom that we have. In the name of freedom an awful lot of things go on that are a terrifying abuse of freedom, and if continued will lead as they always have in history to the loss of freedom. It is the nature of freedom that it can be abused to the point where it is lost. And what is true in the political and sociological world is also true in the spiritual world. And I'd like to have us focus on that today, on Christian freedom and its potential abuse.


Pastor Erik